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Storytel is Northern Europe's largest audiobook service. We offer tens of thousands of audiobooks and ebooks in thirteen markets, with several new markets launching within the coming year. Storytel is an entrepreneur-driven company and is growing rapidly. More than 700 000 subscribers worldwide use Storytel to inspire and entertain.

Varför besöka oss i vår monter

Experienced co-workers in an open, welcoming, and professionally diverse environment
Your own yearly budget for knowledge activities
A Storytel Unlimited subscription to enjoy our service
An internationally distributed development team with travel opportunities
The chance to work with some of the newest technologies on interesting problems related to growth and scale
A company full of book-lovers who love to share that passion

Something that we are especially proud of is our knowledge sharing culture, which is not only reflected in the form of your own yearly budget for knowledge activities. But also through our numerous tech clubs, free to join for anyone, with topics ranging from specific programming languages to standards and platform level discussions.

If you feel like Storytel is a place where you could thrive, let us know!

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  • Stockholm, Lund, Umeå, Karlstad, Köpenhamn

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  • Sverige, Norge, Finland, Island, Danmark, Nederländerna, Bulgarien, Turkiet, Indien, Ryssland, Mexiko, Italien, Spanien, Polen

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